Jason Morton


Web Development

My passion lies with developing interesting solutions to everyday problems. I'm an analytical thinker, a problem solver and I love the "black and white" aspect of sitting down and creating code.

Linux Enthusiast

I'm and experience linux user with experience with setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining both physical linux servers and cloud hosting servers, both for develpment and production purposes.

Responsive Designer

With a huge percentage of people browsing the web on mobile devices, I take cross-device cross-browser compatibility seriously, making sure all website are viewable devices.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jason Morton. I'm a back-end web developer, entrepreneur, innovator and responsive designer based in South Canterbury, NZ.

I'm an innovative, motivated back-end web developer whose passionate about new technology, W3C web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and shaping the future of the web.

Besides the above, I'm also a huge advocate for the Laravel 4 PHP framework, Twitter Bootstrap 3, AngularJS and the Sublime Text editor just to name a few!